For meaningful brands in Africa

For meaningful brands in Africa

Since 2017, Cross the Nile agency has served active brands in Africa

Consulting in branding strategies or communication, our expertise is rooted in the heart of African societies.

Cross the Nile was born out of the desire to help companies and active organizations in Africa to unite their activities around a powerful brand, a real lever of influence and business.

We help small and large teams, established companies or new players to design brands that will last over time and create value.

Simply put, our main purpose :
Giving (Back) life to brands in Africa

Close to our customers, we consider that it is by building together and on the long term that we best accompany our customers in the conquest of new territories.

Your needs
  • What identity for my brand ?

  • What approach for my brand ?
  • Develop my brand’s reputation ?

Our approach

Construction, commitment, lucidity, confidentiality, performance, aestheticism